Duluth, GA Installs first major piece since adoption of plan

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On Friday night, the Duluth Public Arts Commission unveiled their first piece since the adoption of the Public Art Master Plan in 2015.Seattle based artist, Andrew Carson created the 18 foot kinetic sculpture and named it Phoenix, as it is intended to represent the mythical phoenix.

“The phoenix rises out of the ashes and the tail feathers of the phoenix are always very, very colorful so I think it’s a beautiful name for it. But, we think it represents how Duluth is rising as a public art venue and a creative community outside the perimeter” says Katrina Stone in an interview with the Gwinnett Daily Post.

The city of Duluth is thoughtfully and carefully growing their downtown as they continue to be one of the leading communities to live in outside of the Atlanta perimeter.

Duluth Public Arts Commission stands proudly below their newly installed, Phoenix, in Parson’s Alley.


Phoenix by Andrew Carson

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