Artist-led Workshops Co-design Public Art Strategies for Montpelier

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The ArtSynergy team in Montpelier, Vermont has been busy collaborating with visual artist Gowri Savoor, master mime and clown, Rob Mermin, Lost Nation Theater Founding Artistic Director Kim Bent, and dance artist Alana Phinney in creative exploration into how public art can live in the city.

Savoor’s 7-day residency focused on students learning about the value and importance of public art, it’s contribution to a creative, local economy, and its place in the development of public space. Artworks consisted of a series of wind-operated sculptural forms – banners and flags, windsocks, windmills, and spinners. Students experienced creating work that works with, and is constrained by the elements. Each piece was embellished with their personal narratives. The temporary exhibit was installed for two weeks in December.

Performance Art as Public Art: Convergence of Community, a workshop lead by Rob Mermin, Kim Bent, and Alana Phinney was focused on participants engaging in short creative activities in mime, theater and dance. These activities created dialogue about how performance art as public art help to make Montpelier a more vibrant and engaging community.

One additional teaching workshop is scheduled for the end of January and will focus on ideation of public space within Montpelier through interaction with five visual artists who will work with the community to conceptualize their ideas. Participants’ ideas and feedback will be integrated into the final master plan for public art and is expected to be presented to the City in May of 2018.

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